CC types you can buy from a cc shop?

I’ve tried to cover all the types of cards you may come across and the thing here is that you can be lucky to get a hold of really upper echelon stuff – the crème de LA crème of cards – American Express platinum and the likes but you might not know which is which and what it can be used for, so let me briefly describe the most common of these types of CC Shops.

MasterCard –> Imprinted on the card is a 16 digit number which begins with a 5. Every MasterCard begins with a 5. So if you are holding a MasterCard that doesn’t begin with a 5, then that’s a fake. In essence, it should look like 5082 7653 9023 6721. This is just a sample.

Visa –> in the case of the Visa card, it can be identified by the pigeon logo and of course, the 16 digit numbers on the front of the card which always begins with a 4.

Discover –> When you see something like this 6011 xxxx xxxx xxxx engraved on the card, you know you’re in possession of a discover card, and they usually have higher limits than Visa and MasterCard and best CVV platform.

American Express –> The American Express is pretty much recognisable with a 14 digit numbering on the front that always starts with a 3 and followed by a 7 (not always the case). American Express platinum has the highest limit mostly in hundreds of thousands. AMEX Gold and Classic doesn’t have limits as high as that.

How can you find Credit Card numbers?

You can search dumpsters of places naturally prone to a lot of card transactions like gas stations and so on. You can also use TRW only if you know fully well how to go

When making an order it is important that you know exactly what you want and make it sound as serious as possible because trust me, sales persons can figure these things out quickly. So when you order, have your details ready such as name, address and phone number.

Once you’ve made a successful order, you have to call back and get a routing number. Your delivery should be done by United Parcel Service and I’ll tell you why. I prefer using UPS because they don’t require signatures like Federal Express and DHL. They just deliver your package at your doorstep and leave.

If you can’t get around a good drop site and are niggling for one, what you do is you call the place you made your order and get the routing number. Call your local DHL or UPS and tell them when you will come over to pick up your order. On getting there, you have to do as much as possible to throw them off your real identity. When signing, use a different writing hand so it can’t be traced and your identity should be really disguised. It is ideal you look normal but different to not draw obvious attention.

These are just ideas for you to get the picture because you really don’t want the secret service on your ass.