Working with Apps in Django

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about: What is app in django project and why to use it? How to create app in django project? So let’s start with very first question. What is app in django project and why to use it? We’ve seen that how to create a project in django. Actually each django […]

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Django Models 1

Django Models

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn about models in django. Models are connected to our database. We can also say that a model contains the fields and behaviors of the data that we want to store into database. Normally each model is connected to a single table of our database. To understand models and […]

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Django Admin Interface 1

Django Admin Interface

Here you will learn about working with django admin interface.  Prerequiests: It is necessary to learn about models first before working with Django admin panel. You can learn about models here. What is File in Django? We’ve created an app and a model in previous articles. But we haven’t stored anything yet to our database. […]

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simple queue

Types of Queues in Data Structure

Queue is an important structure for storing and retrieving data and hence is used extensively among all the data structures. Queue, just like any queue (queues for bus or tickets etc.) follows a FIFO mechanism for data retrieval which means the data which gets into the queue first will be the first one to be […]

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How to Protect Your Small Business from a Hacker Attack

Data breaches and compromised websites frequently used to spread malware can be risky for your business; including small businesses. In fact, small or medium-sized businesses are likely to suffer more consequences of cyber-attacks than large enterprises. Large enterprises have the benefit of huge financial reliance as well as organizational resources to combat any attacks. Image […]

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Django for Beginners: Build websites with Python and Django

5 Best Django Books for Beginners

Here you will find list of best django books for beginners to learn. If you’re eager to learn Django as it is so popular nowadays for its simplicity, then you can follow our articles that made Django more easy to learn. But Sometimes we prefer reading offline rather than online as we’re habitual of it […]

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Trying to create my own microcontroller, where do I start?

Hello, I'm a 15 year old with around 4 years of experience with microcontrollers, mainly Arduino boards, and I'm looking to create a microcontroller for rocketry, I am aware of controllers such as Signal R2 but I want to create my own custom microcontroller with higher capabilities. Where do I start. So far I've been […]

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Mouse sensor for usb hid device?

Tl;dr: Any ideas or experiences of a good laser or optical sensor that possibly has arduino library and is still being produced / will be available in future? I'm prototyping a USB HID device on pro micro and I've been using an old 8-pin optical mouse sensor (ADNS-5020) for reading rotary movement and it has […]

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Why are two same variables printed differently via UART?

Hello I am communicating with an gyroscode via i2c and am trying to print the values I receive from it via UART: void libmpu_callibrate(libmpu_t *p_dev) assert(p_dev != NULL); uint16_t l_gyro_x_data = 0; unsigned char data[2] = 0; unsigned char sum_str[2] = 0; /* Get i2c measurement. */ libmpu_get_gyro_x_samples(p_dev, &l_gyro_x_data, 1); const uint16_t l_total_sum = l_gyro_x_data; […]

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