A promo clip for The Witcher season 2 gives fans an extended look at a fight between Geralt and a monster known as a myriapod. Based on the work of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, Netflix’s wildly popular fantasy series follows its titular mutant Geralt (Henry Cavill) as he travels the Continent, slaying dangerous monsters for coin. Season 1 saw Geralt’s path converge with the mage, Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), and his Child of Surprise Ciri (Freya Allan). While the first season adapted many of the short stories in Sapkowski’s The Last Wish, season 2 will look to Blood of Elves. 

The main focus of season 2 will see Geralt and Ciri come to terms with their shared destiny as the pair travels to Kaer Morhen, the old fortress where Geralt, and now Ciri, is trained by the School of the Wolf. The biggest casting announcements for the second season have included that of Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir (Kim Bodnia), fellow witcher Lambert (Paul Bullion), and the elven sorceress Francesca Findabair (Mecia Simson). Outside of Kaer Morhen, Nilfgaardian forces hold Yennefer (who Geralt believes is dead) captive as they continue to hunt Ciri via the evil mage Rience (Chris Fulton). That being said, Geralt’s vocation, and well as the series’ quasi-monster-of-the-week format, demands he be on the hunt as well.


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The Witcher’s official Twitter account recently shared a clip from season 2 reminding audiences that the Continent’s greatest threat is the monsters that plague it. The video gives fans an extended look at Geralt using a Quen sign as a shield and a magical sword against a new monster, the Myriapod. Check it out below:

Myriapods are creatures that resemble giant centipedes. They were first introduced in Sapkowski’s Sword of Destiny, which precedes The Last Wish. In the short story entitled “Sword of Destiny,” Geralt and a dryad called Braenn meet Ciri (for the first time) in Brokilon Forest, where she is being attacked by a myriapod. Suffice to say, the above scene will likely serve as a callback to that moment from Sword of Destiny that didn’t make it into season 1. Fans of CD Projekt Red’s video games may also recognize myriapods as similar to the centipedes from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine.

As evident by the latest The Witcher season 2 trailer, the show appears to be upping the action ante by introducing new monsters and a handful of threats. Even before Geralt and Ciri make it to the safety of Kaer Morhen they’ll have to travel the “The Witchers Trail” aka “The Killer,” an extremely dangerous road plagued by mages and priests who view witchers as abominations and aim to kill witchers and their associates. Audiences can check out Geralt’s showdown with the myriapod (s), which is rumored to take place in episode 3, as well as the entirety of season 2 when it is released on Netflix on December 17.

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