How Wheel of Time is changing Rand and Egwene’s relationship risks adding unnecessary complications to an already complex romance story that Rand will likely receive in later seasons. In the beginning of Robert Jordan’s books, Rand al’Thor and Egwene al’Vere had a “will-they-won’t-they” dynamic that eventually faded away, but both characters remained central figures in the Dragon Reborn story.

In the Two Rivers village, it was generally understood that the two would eventually marry, but their romantic feelings went unspoken for the most part, and their relationship never actually went anywhere. Things are quite different in Amazon’s Wheel of Time show, where a scene at the Winespring Inn in the series premiere confirmed that Rand and Egwene have been intimate with each other in a way that they never were in the books. And while the two are clearly having issues in Wheel of Time’s first three episodes, Rand and Egwene are still in a romantic relationship.


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The decision to drop the innocent nature of their romance from the books reflects the show’s more mature tone and approach to the Wheel of Time characters’ ages. However, the series going in this direction could be a big problem at a later point down the road. In the books, Rand has three major love interests (not counting Egwene), who he’ll meet gradually. The characters in question—Min Farshaw, Elayne Trakand, and Aviendha—haven’t debuted yet, but at least two are already on the horizon. Kae Alexander’s Min is expected to appear in season 1, and Ceara Coveney has been cast as Elayne for Wheel of Time season 2.

Rand falling in love with three women and trying to make sense of these feelings is an important part of his story in the Wheel of Time books, and one that's sure to be adapted in some form. Adding a fourth woman into the mix will surely make a complicated romance even more messy for the series. In the books, Rand did love Egwene at one point, but she didn’t factor heavily into his romantic storyline because their feelings for each other evaporated rather quickly. The original story easily moved on from the Rand-Egwene romance since it never really developed into a real romance in the first place. But by putting them in a sexual relationship, Wheel of Time may face greater challenges leading into Rand’s love story with Elayne, Min, and Aviendha.

Given that the last thing that a romance like this one needs is a fourth love interest, it may have been best for the series to put less emphasis on Rand's relationship with Egwene. To avoid this becoming a problem for future seasons, the show shouldn't dwell on it for long, unless they plan to make serious changes from the show's source material. In order to ensure the story that the show offers with Rand, Elayne, Min, and Aviendha from the Wheel of Time books doesn't come off as too convoluted, the series shouldn't reunite Rand and Egwene anytime soon, and instead let both move forward independently of each other.

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