The Xenomorphs from the Alien universe are some of the most brutal, resilient creatures in the cosmos, but are they tough enough to survive a lightsaber battle in the Star Wars universe? The question was posed in a recent Reddit post and it seems as though the Xenomorph's biology just may make them a match for the iconic Star Wars weapons.

Lightsabers are powerful, elegantly built weapons that are used by Force users to take down many foes, helping to defeat countless alien races from across the Star Wars galaxy. The iconic weapons are known for leaving little-to-no blood following an attack since the lightsaber's energy is so strong that it simultaneously cauterizes a wound as it is causing it. However, Xenomorphs are fast, durable, and incredibly strong. But most importantly, they famously have acidic blood, complicating what might have otherwise been an easy lightsaber win.


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The question was recently posted to Reddit by user ardouronerous. Without knowing the anatomy of a Xenomorph, one could assume that a lightsaber could easily take one of the aliens down since it could cut off their limbs and cauterize the wounds as they go, negating the impact of their acidic blood. However, an average Xenomorph does not have mammalian anatomy and instead has an open circulatory system, similar to many insects. An open circulatory system differs from a human's because it means the blood is not carried in veins or arteries but is instead mixed with other bodily fluids as if the body is almost a "balloon" filled with blood.

A Xenomorph's open circulatory system means that when a lightsaber strikes a Xenomorph's body, the blade is not able to cauterize the wound (as cauterization usually only works with sealing small blood vessels), so the alien's acidic blood would spray out, harming the lightsaber wielder and potentially the saber itself. Xenomorph blood has been shown to be able to burn through pretty much anything except for a Xenomorph's own exoskeleton. Some users on Reddit postulated that the lightsaber would immediately vaporize the acidic blood on contact because of how hot the energy blade is, but other users retorted that vaporized acidic blood in the air isn't much less dangerous than liquid acidic blood.

All of this is not to say that a lightsaber-user would not be able to defeat a Xenomorph, especially if they had proper control over The Force, but it does mean that if the wielder used their saber as a close combat weapon, they would most likely get severely injured by the Xenomorph's acidic blood and potentially have their saber destroyed. It would be an amazing sight to see a Xenomorph from Alien fight Darth Maul or Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.

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