Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2, episode 1, "Cleaved In Twain."

The premiere episode of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2 took the intro of the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series and made it even better — by making it into a statement of defiance. Beyond being a simple Easter egg, the speech showed Prince Adam's courage in Eternia's darkest moment. It also established that, regardless of whatever fabulous powers he commands as He-Man, Prince Adam is every bit the hero without any magic to prop him up.

First airing in 1983, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe went on to become one of the most popular cartoon series of the 1980s. The associated toy line by Mattel was also highly popular and new action figures based on the series are still produced to this day. Despite the original series' influence and the many spin-offs and reboots it has enjoyed since then, some feel that the original He-Man cartoons have aged poorly, with the animation appearing cheap by modern standards and the dialogue being corny. Perhaps nothing exemplified this more than the introduction, where Prince Adam cheerfully introduced himself to the viewers as "Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull!"


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The first episode of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2 referenced this introduction, but reworked the stilted dialogue into Prince Adam's finest moment. Picking up from the shocking ending of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 1, where Skeletor seemingly killed Prince Adam and claimed the Power of Grayskull for himself, "Cleaved In Twain" revealed that Adam was not dead, but very close to it. With Teela, Andra, Man-At-Arms and the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull held helpless by Evil-Lyn's magic, Skeletor was free to gloat about his victory, bragging that soon all of Eternia would remember "this historic moment when Skeletor finally kills He-Man!" Yet Adam stopped Skeletor's rant with three simple words, "I'm not He-Man."

Masters of the Universe Revelation Prince Adam Confronts Skeletor

Pulling himself to his feet, Adam continued to speak, despite still bleeding and coughing up blood as he regarded Skeletor. "I am Adam," the wounded prince continued, even after Skeletor, stronger in his new form than ever before, knocked Adam to the ground again. "I am Adam. Prince of Eternia... and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull," he chanted before allowing himself a weak smile and finishing, "And this, is my fearless friend... Cringer." This was the cue for his pet tiger, Cringer (who had gone unnoticed in the battle before) to pounce Evil-Lyn and wrestle away her wand, breaking the enchantment that bound the other heroes.

The battle which followed set the tone for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2. It also established that Prince Adam is every bit the hero, even without the Power of Grayskull. Those fans who were displeased that Part 1 was more focused upon Teela and her destiny should be satisfied by the new season, which focuses more upon Prince Adam and his efforts to rebuild Eternia in the wake of Skeletor's resurrection, building to a conclusion that promises an even grander epic for season 2.

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