Kathryn Hahn has revealed she was adamant that no one else but her would record the now infamous “Agatha All Along” song from Marvel’s WandaVision. The comedy actress appeared as the friendly neighbour Agnes in the show, which saw Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s Avengers heroes, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision, living a suburban paradise that spanned the different decades and styles of sitcom television. In the show’s closing episodes, Agnes was revealed to be an evil mastermind who knew of Wanda's fake world, secretly pulling the strings to hide her true identity as mystical witch Agatha Harkness.


The reveal of Agatha’s true identity in WandaVision episode 7, “Breaking The Fourth Wall,” came paired with an in-universe musical number stylised as a sitcom title sequence. The song "Agatha All Along," written especially for the episode, was an instant hit with fans of the show. Complete with Hahn’s gleeful, evil characterisation and singing, the Addams Family-esque tune went viral in the weeks that followed, and after an official release it charted in the Billboard Sales Top 40. Since the series finale, the love for the satirical song has only gotten stronger and the WandaVision song earned itself an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

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Now, speaking to Empire, Hahn has detailed the moment she first heard the song and why she wouldn’t let anyone else record it. The actress recalls staring “slack-jawed at Matt [Shakman],” the show’s creator, as she first listened to it via headphones. She also confirmed the song went through a few other names before its eventual title, originally being called “That’s So Agatha” which may imply the song almost had a more noughties-based vibe akin to Disney’s That’s So Raven. Hahn says the producers “asked [her] about singing it” and she was immediately locked in. Confirming her commitment to the song and her refusal to let it be dubbed by someone else, the actress reiterated that there was "no way" another singer would be tackling the track. Read Hahn’s full interview quote below:

“I put headphones on, listened to it and stared slack-jawed at Matt [Shakman], who was looking at me with such a grin … It was going to be called, I think, ‘That’s So Agatha’, but then they settled on ‘Agatha All Along’, which was, of course, so perfect. I got asked about singing it and I said they’d have to pry it out of my hands – there’s no way anybody else was singing it!”

wandavision agatha all along director's chair

It may already have an Emmy award under its belt, but "Agatha All Along" isn’t done yet. Earlier this week, the song was nominated for the 2022 Grammy Awards in the Best Song Written for Visual Media category. Meanwhile, fans of WandaVision were given more good news earlier in the month when Marvel announced a spin-off show, Agatha: House of Harkness, will be coming to Disney+ with Hahn returning to the now-iconic MCU role.

WandaVision’s fan base may hear the popular song yet again if it makes a return in the upcoming spinoff, but there’s also potential for even more musical hijinks. The witty witch has more stories to tell in the MCU, and may have an important part to play in the multiverse of Marvel’s Phase 4. Hahn’s role on the miniseries got a lot of praise for its combination of comedy and villainy, so her return is well-anticipated. Agatha will be back in her new show soon and WandaVision fans will hope she brings her trademark theme-tune along with her.

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Source: Empire

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