GE wants to help make Thanksgiving dinner better by introducing a new 'Turkey Mode' for its internet-enabled smart ovens, a feature that tries to ensure the perfect turkey is cooked every time. Smart appliances have been a thing for a number of years now and offer a range of conveniences, including the ability to check on them remotely from a smartphone, set timers, and adjust the temperature.

Being able to remotely control an entire home right from a smartphone, smartwatch, or smart speaker sounds great and can make a significant difference to everyday life. Having devices that can be remotely accessed makes controlling them easier than ever before and, in the modern era, this extends to Christmas lights, garage doors, the temperature of a home, and many home appliances.


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GE has released a software update for its range of smart ovens that lets users perfectly cook a turkey this Thanksgiving. The company's new "Turkey Mode" provides simple to follow instructions on the oven's screen or in the SmartHQ app, including how to probe the turkey and exactly where to place it. The software update is rolling out to over 300 of GE's smart ovens and requires the oven to be connected to a Wi-F network for the update to be applied. According to Taylor Dawson, director of digital transformation at GE Appliances, GE's engineers spent "hundreds of hours" testing the feature to ensure that a turkey comes out "juicy and tender" and ready for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

How Smart Is Too Smart?

Turkey Mode seems like a great idea for those who are cooking a turkey for the first time, that want to de-stress and let the oven take over, or simply have other food to prep and don't have time to keep an eye on the stove at all times. Smart appliances are there to automate more of everyday life and, if Turkey Mode means one less thing to worry about during Thanksgiving, that's a win for everybody. Of course, that's providing Turkey Mode can actually cook the perfect turkey.

In spite of the benefits, privacy, security, and reliability are issues these days and making a traditionally "dumb" product smart does comes with its own concerns. For example, if a smart device loses its connection to the Wi-Fi network or becomes unresponsive. While smart home devices do offer greater convenience, as with anything that connects to the internet, the benefits should always be balanced with a loss of control, and especially when it comes to something as important as a Thanksgiving turkey.

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Source: GE/Business Wire

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