The Excalibur reference in Eternals secretly set up a new Marvel Cinematic Universe connected to Black Knight. Through the exploration of human history over 7,000 years and the origins of the Eternals, Phase 4 used Eternals to plant many seeds that could be important for the future. This includes the likelihood of setting up Namor's arrival in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and introducing Thanos' brother Starfox (Harry Styles). These teases came as the MCU movie focused on its ten main Eternals and explored their role in human history.

One of the most talked-about Eternals teases for future MCU heroes came through the film's set up for Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) becoming Black Knight. His mighty sword, the Ebony Blade, was referenced earlier in the movie, but it wasn't until Eternals' post-credits scene that Dane took control of it. The Ebony Blade name drop came at the same time that the movie teased the existence of the legendary sword Excalibur. The famous sword in the stone from King Arthur's time actually has ties to Dane Whitman in the comics, as his ancient relative was one of the many men to wield it throughout time. However, Eternals might be secretly setting up a different new MCU hero with its Excalibur reference.


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Excalibur has belonged to multiple people in the comics, but Eternals establishes that Makkari possessed it for some time and let Thena use it. Now that the MCU has established Excalibur as part of its canon, Marvel could pull on this thread to introduce a new hero. While major Marvel characters like Ares, Captain Britain, and Doctor Doom have possessed Excalibur in the comics, Marvel Studios could go in the direction of introducing Dr. Faiza Hussain. The sword called out to her during Secret Invasion, and she proved to be worthy of wielding it. This led to Hussain taking on the codename of Excalibur and using the legendary weapon in combination with her powers. Hussain had superpowers after being hit by a piece of Skrull technology that gave her bio-manipulating abilities. Meanwhile, the Excalibur sword makes its wielder invincible and can detect magic nearby.

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Marvel's comics only introduced Faiza Hussain in 2008, so the possibility of her joining the MCU would be a relatively quick development. However, she does fit with where the MCU appears to be heading. Hussain's introduction in the comics saw her almost immediately become part of the British superhero organization MI13. This came when Black Knight was on the team, which led to them striking up a romantic relationship. The MCU appears to be building towards MI13 forming already since fellow team member Blade (Mahershala Ali) spoke to Black Knight in Eternals' post-credits scene. This could mean Hussain becomes Excalibur in the near future and becomes part of the MCU's initial roster for the team.

If the MCU does introduce Faiza Hussain after Eternals' Excalibur reference, it will strengthen the likelihood that Marvel's British superteam is coming sooner than later. The presence of the Excalibur sword could even help bring Captain Britain to the MCU, as he has connections to the mystical weapon as well. Marvel already laid the foundation for Brian Braddock's grand introduction, as he was referenced in Avengers: Endgame. Hussain and Braddock joining the MCU would give Marvel four MI13 members at its disposal, but even more could be on the way. There's no MI13 project announced so far, so the best chances for Hussain to join the MCU soon could be in Blade if that is indeed where Black Knight appears next after Eternals.

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