Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gives away his personal custom truck to a Navy veteran in a new heartwarming video. The 49-year-old wrestler turned movie star recently debuted his action comedy film Red Notice. The Netflix original flick centers on Johnson as he plays an FBI agent who reluctantly teams up with renowned art thief, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds). The movie saw a limited theatrical release back on November 5 before digitally heading to the streaming platform on November 12.

In anticipation of his latest movie, Johnson invited fans to a special screening of Red Notice in theaters. During the screening, Johnson and his crew offered fans free concessions, including the actor's own Salt & Straw ice cream. Held in a Cinemark movie theater outside of Los Angeles, Johnson surprised fans by coming out on stage before the screening. Hoping to do "something BIG...something MASSIVE," Johnson was not just giving away free ice cream bars to fans.


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After the screening, Johnson posted a heartwarming Instagram video in which he gave away his personal custom truck to a Navy veteran. Appearing before the theater of moviegoers, Johnson calls Navy vet Oscar Rodriguez to the front. Inspired by Rodriguez's personal story, Johnson takes the veteran outside the theater, where he hands him a card. The card thanks Rodriguez for his service and reveals that Johnson is giving him the custom truck. The video, which was posted less than 24 hours ago, already has over three million views. Watch the full video of Johnson's emotional encounter with Rodriguez below:

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In his Instagram post, Johnson further explains that he originally planned on giving away the Porsche Taycan that he drives in Red Notice. However, after contacting Porsche, the car company turned his idea down. Johnson was still determined to do "something unforgettable for one fan," though, and decided to give away his personal custom truck, which he calls "his baby." After gathering as much information as he could about the audience members, Johnson ultimately chose Rodriguez because of the veteran's story. On top of being a vet, Rodriguez is a personal trainer, leader at his church, provides support and meals for survivors of domestic violence, and takes care of his 75-year-old mom. In addition to calling Rodriguez a "proud and humble Navy veteran," Johnson also calls him a "kind human being."

Given the amount of positivity Rodriguez has spread in his community, it's not wonder why Johnson chose him for the prize. The video is not only heartwarming, but inspiring as well. Johnson summed up his post by calling the entire experience, "just love." Never a stranger to comedy, the actor then jokes that he has to figure out how he's going to get home since he gave away his ride. Dwayne Johnson's kind gesture truly lives up to his "People's Champ" moniker, and only adds more integrity to his many already inspiring Instagram posts.

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