90 Day Fiancé cast member Angela Deem took a nasty dig at her ex-best friend Jojo after she hung out with Debbie Johnson on her birthday. When Angela was first spotted having fun with Debbie in Las Vegas, fans were surprised at the new franchise friendship. However, what made it even more shocking is that it was Debbie who ended Angela and Jojo’s friendship. Jojo has been the “sissy” Angela was seen with over several 90 Day Fiancé seasons. Jojo has been the witness at Angela’s wedding with Michael and a helping hand when Angela couldn’t wipe her behind after weight loss surgery. But now Angie has resorted to throwing shade at her BFF and is making TLC fans angry.


Seeing Angela being jealous about her husband, Michael, interacting with other women is not new to long-time 90 Day Fiancé fans. But this time around, it's different since Angela’s green-eyed monster has made an appearance in her and Jojo’s relationship. After having hinted at the end of their friendship in October, Jojo recently revealed that the source of Angela being mean towards her is Debbie. In an Instagram Live session, Jojo claimed that Angela wanted to take credit for making her meet Debbie. But the Georgia woman declared that she knew of Debbie via 90 Day Fiancé and not Angie. A distressed Angela seemingly said Jojo was irrelevant and sent her rude messages, which made the Disney fan end her friendship with the meemaw immediately.

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This week, 90 Day Fiancé stars and fans wished Debbie a happy birthday, and so did Jojo by meeting the 90 Day: The Single Life star for a hearty meal. “Lunch Date today with my new friend! At Pappasito’s,” Jojo wrote in her Instagram Story and later posted a sweet photo of them enjoying a meal of delicious crabs and Bloody Marys captioned, “Can I get a Happy Birthday! Shout out to my friend @savagedebbiej 🎂🎂🎂🎂🤗❤️ I love you Debbie!!” Meanwhile, Debbie commented on Jojo's post by saying, “Omg, I love this. Love you JoJo. You are absolutely the best friend a person could ask for. Miss you. Love ya.” But jealously seems to have gotten the better of Angela, who proceeded to post a selfie of Jojo and Debbie on her own Instagram Stories with the caption, “2 of a kind,” with a GIF of a potbellied cartoon rolling on the floor and laughing.

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Fans such as Reddit user binzyz, who noticed Angela’s childish behavior, shared a screenshot of her Story, which made others call the Georgia resident a “full-grown bully” who’s “unbelievably jealous” and “selfish.” Fans wrote that they’re loving the genuine friendship between Jojo and Debbie. They deduced that Angela must be missing Jojo; otherwise, she wouldn’t have stooped to this level of pettiness. A few noted that Angela must be behaving in the same horrible way she does with Michael with Jojo off-camera. This may have made Jojo choose Debbie as a BFF over Angie.

It’s easy to see that along with the 90-pound weight loss, Angela has also lost some friends in her transformation journey. It’s possible that Angela thinks she’s better than everyone else after the makeover gave her a new confidence boost. But in her defense, Angela also told her 90 Day Fiancé supporters recently that Jojo is a “habitual liar” who has constantly harassed TLC. There certainly are two sides to this story. Still, owing to Angela’s bratty behavior on the show, it's not surprising to see everyone choosing Jojo over Ms. Deem.

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