Amy and Tammy Slaton are embarking on new chapters of their lives in 1000-lb Sisters season 3, but fans are loving recently uncovered old pictures of the famous sisters. Throughout Amy and Tammy's run on reality TV, the pair have told stories from their childhood, but getting to see what the Slaton sisters looked like when they were in school has piqued their followers' interest. From their adorable fashion to their innocent expressions, here's why 1000-lb Sisters fans are loving Amy and Tammy's throwback school pictures.

Amy and Tammy didn't have the easiest upbringings. The duo of entertainers have explained that it was during their childhoods that they developed unhealthy relationships with food. In addition to Amy and Tammy's mother being slow to affection, the Slaton matriarch was also always out of the house. Amy and Tammy have shared that they grew up poor which forced their mother to work several jobs on most days. Initially, Amy and Tammy spent time with their grandmother while their mother was busy at work. Once the Slaton sister's grandma died, however, Amy and Tammy struggled with depression and turned to food for comfort.


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During their time in 1000-lb Sisters, Amy and Tammy have tried to make peace with their pasts, and celebrating old photos of the siblings is a great way to reclaim their childhoods. In anticipation of the 1000-lb Sisters season 3 premiere, a fan account shared vintage pictures of Amy and Tammy in their school days. On November 9, the 1000-lb Sisters fan page posted one picture of Amy and two of Tammy from the sisters' childhoods. The account captioned the trio of cherubic photos, "school pics of our girls." In the past, old pictures of Tammy have surfaced, but they've been used against the reality TV star. 1000-lb Sisters viewers have shared childhood shots of Tammy to disprove the Slaton sister's claim that she lost her teeth during an accident in third grade. Fortunately, this set of pictures garnered more positive responses from Amy and Tammy's fanbase.

As viewers geared up for the return of 1000-lb Sisters, the comments section was full of elated responses to photos of the young Slaton siblings. The reality TV star's school picture demonstrates that Amy's always had a passion for makeup as she sports a glossy lip and what appears to be glitter on her face. Tammy's shots are also precious thanks to the bangs she giddily donned in her childhood. Amy and Tammy's followers expressed their love for the vintage pictures with one Instagram user writing, "So pretty!" Another 1000-lb Sisters fan commented, "Beautiful ladies." In addition to noting how adorable the Slaton sisters are in their childhood photographs, another one of Amy and Tammy's supporters noted that the pair of TV personalities look like they "Haven't aged a bit." Despite some trolls bashing the sweet pictures, the vast majority of fans expressed their love for the rare photos.

Amy and Tammy have confirmed that growing up was difficult for them, but 1000-lb Sisters viewers wouldn't be able to tell from these three photographs. From Amy's stylish makeup to Tammy's charming bangs, the Slaton sisters' admirers doted over the uncovered throwback pictures. Although Amy and Tammy are looking toward the future in 1000-lb Sisters season 3, their fanbase can't get enough of the siblings' childhoods.

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Sources: 1000lbsisters.fanpage/Instagram

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